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The Andrew Joseph Foundation

AJF began to transform a tragedy into a turning point. On February 7, 2014 during the Florida State Fair, 14 year old Andrew Joseph, III a student was attending a school district supported fair with friends and was struck and killed by a motorist as he tried  to cross Interstate 4 on foot after being wrongfully detained, ejected, transported and then abandoned miles from the fair by law enforcement officials with no call to parents. This unbelievable tragic event inspired Andrew's parents to found AJF and to become tireless advocates around the nation.

 A child dies from a preventable injury every 30 seconds.

AJF serves as advocates of safe communities for children, youth, and young adults.  The agency does so through advocacy, education, legal referrals and coordination of resources.  The organization will serve as a catalyst for system change and dialogue on priority safety first parameters.

We Can Help Prevent Tragedy

We offer educational programs on "Know Your Rights" and "Stay Safe" campaigns.  We provide outreach and speak out forums for students, parents, advocates, schools and community partners.  We provide Safety First and Preventable Death and Injuries education to the public through teen summits and global forums.

Play It Safe

Look for our upcoming publications titled "Play It Safe"  and "We Remember Andrew Joseph, III" billboard message board "All Children Have the Right to Be Free". 




Harry Belafonte and Sankofa.org

United Nations Summit


Andrew Joseph III

Production of Music Video


Production of CHAINS Music Video featuring Andrew Joseph, III

Act of 2016 Federal Bill

Andrew Joseph III, Act of 2016 Federal Bill by former Congressman Alan Grayson

Andrew Joseph, III Act of 2016 Federal Bill by former Congressman Alan Grayson

The PeWee Story

The story of Andrew Joseph III

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Andrew Soars Mission


We promote self-empowerment, education and instructions to properly interact and engage with law enforcement.