Our Programs

#Team Peewee


#Team Peewee is a justice campaign to ensure safety and security within school sanctioned events with the intended outcome to change policies with Hillsborough County School District's distribution of tickets to the Florida State Fair, changes in the Florida State Fairground Admission and Ejection Policy with minor children, and changes within the Hillsborough County Sheriff Department so children will be allowed a phone call to parents and will be allowed to wait in safe zones for pickup.

Andrew Soars Mission


Micro Church ministers to families of child loss  with guiding principles of biblical promises that will sustain and replenish God's weary grief and loss travelers.  The program aims to help families with living a life of purposeful pain for parents, siblings, and loved ones left behind.  The outcome has allowed the networking of families and empowerment summits to speak to the grief and pained and allow healing through empowering families to create a narrative for the deceased child and/or loved one.  

Circle of Mothers, Tampa FL

Circle of Mothers, Tampa, Florida support grieving mothers

Survivor Speak allows mothers of violence and senseless acts to be empowered in transforming their communities in the midst of tragedy and death of child.  The outcomes have enabled mothers from the community to share the stories of their child's death with middle and high school students to ensure safe and sustaining lives to their fellow human kind.